PGIM India Equity Savings Fund: change in investment factsheets for August 2019
12/09/2019 14:40
PGIM India Equity Savings Fund has announced change in investment factsheets and fund flash for the month ended August 31, 2019.

As on Aug 31, 2019, the total size of the Fund was Rs 34.05 crores, compared with Rs 34.41 crores in the last month. The Fund's NAV per unit was Rs 31.81 for Growth, while 52-Week High and Low ranges were Rs 32.47 and Rs 29.84 respectively.

The Equity - Hybrid fund with Growth plan was launched on Jan 29, 2004 and managed by Fund Managers Alok Agarwal, Kumaresh Ramakrishnan.

The top five companies based on a percentage of total holdings were Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (3.25 Cr.), HDFC Bank Ltd. (2.78 Cr.), Bharti Airtel Ltd. (2.76 Cr.), Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (2.71 Cr.) and Reliance Industries Ltd. (2.50 Cr.).

PGIM India Equity Savings Fund is promoted by PGIM India Mutual Fund and managed by PGIM India Asset Management Pvt. Ltd..