B C Power Controls L - Outcome of Board Meeting
30/08/2019 19:12
Company has informed the BSE that Meeting Board of Directors of Company held today, has inter alia transacted the following business: 1. Approved the Directors' Report for the F.Y ended 31.03.2019.
2. Fixed the 11th A.G.M of the Company on 30.09.2019 at 10:00 a.m. 3. Approved the Notice of 11th AGM .4. Fixed the 30.08.2019 as CUTOFF DATE 5. Appointed Mr. Vineet Garg as scrutinizer. 6. Fixed the book closure from 28.09.2019 to 30.09.2019 7. Recommended re-appointment of M/s Garg Bros. & Associates as Statutory Auditor 5 Years. 8. Recommended regularization of Mr. Harhsit Jain as WTD 9. Recommended appointment of Mr. Surender Pal Singh Chauhan as an ID for 5 Years. 10. Recommended re-appointment of Mr. Anil Kumar Jain as an ID for 5 Years. 11. Recommend re-appointment of Mrs. Himani Jain as ID for period of 5 Years.12. Approval of Related Party Transactions. 13. Re-appointed M/s Shyam Goel & Associates as Internal Auditor 14. Re-appointed M/s Abhishek J & Co. as Secretarial Auditor.