Eveready Industr - Reply to Clarification Sought
01/08/2019 15:01
: The Exchange had sought clarification from Eveready Industries India Limited with respect to announcement dated 29-Jun-2019, regarding press release dated Jun 29, 2019, titled. On basis of above the Company was required to clarify following: 1. Additionally, in case of a slump sale, indicative disclosures provided for amalgamation/merger, shall be disclosed by the listed entity with respect to such slump sale.2. Whether the transaction would fall within related party transactions? If yes, whether the same is done at "arm's length";3. Brief details of buyers and whether any of the buyers belong to the promoter/ promoter group/group companies. If yes, details thereof.4. Consideration received from such sale/disposal;5. The expected date of completion of sale/disposal;6. Date on which the agreement for sale has been entered into;7. The amount and percentage of the turnover or revenue or income and net worth contributed by such unit or division of the listed entity during the last financial year. The response of the Company is attached.