BSE Star MF processes 43.55 lakh transactions in July
01/08/2019 16:27
Leading stock exchange BSE on Thursday said its mutual fund distribution platform has processed 43.55 lakh transactions in July 2019.

"The previous best was 42.50 lakh transactions in April 2019," the exchange said in a release.

The platform, BSE StAR MF, has also registered 2.38 lakh new SIPs (Systematic Investment Plan) amounting to Rs 65 crore in the month of July.

Overall, the platform has surpassed 1.21 crore transactions in the first quarter, April to June 2019, the release added.

The exchange had recently launched BSE StAR MF app to help the distributor and the IFAs (Independent Financial Advisors) to register clients on real-time basis and since its launch the app has processed over 26,000 transactions amounting to Rs 470 crore, the bourse said.