The Indian Wood Product Co. Ltd launches retail packets of Spices in New Delhi and Uttarakhand
14/06/2019 17:07
The Indian Wood Product Co. Limited said in a filing to Bombay Stock Exchange that with a view to target the mass consumption segment customers with lower disposable income and customers who are moving from buying higher quantity of raw spices to packed spices on daily basis, IWP has launched the retail packet of Spices including Haldi, Dhania, Mirchi, Garam Masala Sabzi Masala and similar spices in the Eastern & Central Uttar Pradesh region and in the State of Assam in July, 2018. Tur products are well accepted by the consumers.

The company had launched retail packets of Spices in the Union Territory of Delhi and the state of Uttarakhand under the Brand Name of "IWP" on Friday June 14, 2019.