Posti declares Infosys as Key Digital Transformation Technology Partner
13/06/2019 15:39
IT firm, Infosys Limited said that, “it has been selected by Finnish postal service Posti as a strategic partner for the digital transformation of its business and IT services,” in a filing to Bombay Stock Exchange.

As per the company, through this engagement, Infosys will drive the modernization of Posti’s IT applications and infrastructure, helping it move to a flexible IT service model. This will also strengthen Posti’s ability to respond to changes in customer needs with agility and provide a seamless customer user experience through a dedicated command centre.

With the partnership, the company will optimise and modernise Posti’s current IT estate, which entails rationalising its applications and hosting the workloads on a public cloud foundation. This will help Posti reduce costs, enhance efficiencies, and lay the foundation for the organisation’s larger technology-led business transformation along with an end-to-end security operations network. At the same time, Infosys will help Posti drive technology-led initiatives using the latest digital technologies, including data utilisation, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Karmesh Vaswani, Executive Vice President at Infosys said, “With our diversified experience in the postal and logistics industry, we look forward to partnering with Posti in the journey to help realise its strategic goals of digital transformation and operational excellence.”

“Our digital capabilities and solutions will help Posti enrich customer experiences while strengthening its competitive differentiation,” Karmesh said.

Petteri Naulapaa, SVP, ICT and Digitalisation at Posti said, “In a changing business landscape, our partnership with Infosys will help us adapt with agility.”

“The collaboration will enable us focus more on our core operations and, as customer needs become more and more digital, on improving our services,” he added.

The shares of Infosys traded at Rs. 741.40 apiece, low at 12.55 points or 1.66 per cent on the BSE.