High Energy Bat. - Corporate Action-Fixes Book Closure For The Purpose Of Annual General Meeting Of The Company. Book Closure
12/06/2019 17:09
Immediately after the meeting of Board of Directors on 25.05.2019, we have filed the information pertaining to the date of ensuing Annual General Meeting , Cut-off date for the purpose of e-voting and the Book closure period under Outcome of Board Meeting for which acknowledgement no.724035 was generated by BSE . We also have filed the information pertaining to Book closure period under the Corporate Action on 28.05.2019,ref: acknowledgement no.731294. But we have received email LIST/COMP/15/2019 dated 07.06.2019, advising companies to file the above information under Corporate Action. Hence, for your reference and records, we file once again the same information under Corporate Action.